Country Writings

Monday, May 15, 2006

When I was a teen-ager in Gravelly, Arkansas, we had, what we called ,chicken frizzes all the time.We would pick a night when we all couldget together at the Dutch reek bridge ,right by the Blue Hole, where we swam all thetime. The boys would go to different houses in the community and steal 2 or 3 chickens.There was a wonderful, running creek under the bridge and we would pick the chickens and clean them andthen fry us up a bunch of chicken to eat. And all the time we would be telling stories, pushng each other into the creek
,just having a good old time. One night, my cousin, Ted, and my brother, Bob, were stealing the chickens and decided that 2 was not enough and tied those two chickens to the fence and went back to get more.My cousin ,Dortha, was not allowed to go with us and one night she was going to let us have a couple of skillets in which to fry the chicken.As she was sneaking the skillets out the back door to one ofthe guys, her mother caught her and they had to give those skillets back!! There was a large, empoty house right by the creek and ne night, when it was cold, we took wood we collected in the woods and built a fire in the fire place ofthe old house andthat night, we fried the chicken in that fire place. I have thought since, how awful it would have been if something had casught fire and the house had burned down, but we were having too much fun to think of thosethings. We didn't need "a joint" to get high in those days. We got high by having justhad great fun being together ,singing, telling stories, a little hugging and kissing . Aw, for the good ole days again!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Brook

A brook---sometimes fast moving--sometimes slow and lazy. A place of contentment--sitting on cool, cool moss under the spreading, friendly arms of a tree. The brook--never troubled--never demanding--only running on its course since time began.

It was a short walk to the brook. Sometimes cows were drinking thristily and slowly. A girl sitting by their place of refreshment does not bother them. The girl is a little frightenhed by so many cows in one place--so much power behind those long horns--but the cows abate their thristr, walk up the bank and disappear into the thick,dark woods.

All troubles and anger leave the heart as the peacefulness of the running water speaks to a soul.God is so near beside a brook.He seems to speak from the tranquility ofthe flowing water--"be still and know that I am God."

Such peace!!How the heart yearns again for this peace. The brook no longer runs there--man has averted the ewater to another place-so another place of contentment-gone.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The New Car

My friend Loucinda loves red cars. She purchased a red Cadillac in 2003. I have ridden many a mile in that car and have really enjoyed going many places in Ar. with Loucinda. She mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she was thinking of getting a new Cadillac soon. A few daysago I rode to Little Rock with her ,a two hour drive from our home here in Yell County. We travelledto several places there in the city. When we were coming home, we stoppedat places alongthe way. After two more hours we were back n Wing, Ar. where Loucinda lives. She drove to a house near her home to talk to the people that lived there. Another man wasthere and all ofus were staying outside talking. One ofthe guys said to Loucinda that he sure loved her car andthe other young man said he really admired the car too. I'm sitting in the car and I say"Yes, Loucinda has had this car only 3 years butshe is thinking of getting a new one. Loucinda starts laughing and said"Glenna ,you have ridden all day in my new car, I just drovethis new car home yesterday." One ofthe guys said"Well, I wondered how the car could be any newer then this one!" I was embarrassed but I told her it was another Red Cadillac so how was I supposedto tell the difference!"

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Great Lie

When my brother was a child, every time he got scared or mad, he held his breath.This was a source of great fright for everyone in the family, especially my mother and grandmother. One day my mother was cleaning out the chicken house and she gave Bob and me ,each, a piece of cake and told us to stay in the yard while she worked. I finished my cake first and asked Bob for a bite of his. He said " No" and I grabbed his hand and took a bite of his cake. Well, I accidently bit his hand. He screamed, and as always, he held his breath. Here came my mother out of the chicken house and grabbed up my brother and rushed him to the well where we drew our water. My Grandmother was walking into the yard about that time and she held Bob while my mother drew up a little water andthrew it into his face. Surprisingly, that worked every time, he caught his breath!! My mother and grandmother were still scared and they asked me what made Bob hold his breath. I told them our old fighting rooster jumped on him for his cake. Bob did not tell on me and I did not tell my Mother about my lie until I was married and she said I should be ashamed of myself.!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

When I was a senior in high school, my mother that was never ill got an appointment with a Dr. in Little Rock Ar. which was in the big city for us, since we lived 100 miles from LR.I was really scared cause I was so worried as to what was wrong with my mother. Well, whenshe came from the Dr. not a wordwas said as to what waswrong. On Saturdays, we did not do much of our farm work--just kinda relaxed and I was rolling my mother's hair and I said to her"Mama, you HAVE to tell me what is wrongwith you." She said"Well I guess I am pregnant. I jumped up and down, I was so happy and Isaid "Oh, I know I will have a baby sister."She said,"You oughtto be ashamed of yourself, Iam 42 years old," and I tell her I don't care because I wanted a baby sister. I was 17 and my brother was 15 when my sister was born. Bob and my Dad had wanted a boy but mama and I got what we wanted/ She was such a beautiful baby,a head full of black hair and big blue eyes and beautiful skin. Mama said Icould name her.A little girl had falle n into a well in Ca. that year and it was all over the radio news and the little girl was Kathy Fiscus, So I named my sister, Kathy and Mama added Dell to it, so we had a beautiful little Kathy Dell. I was headed for college so I did not get to be with the baby as I wouldhave liked too.My moyther was a very good mother. As Kathy grew ,sometimes she would come ask me could she do something and Mama let both of us know that SHE wasthe mother. Mama was still a little embarrassed that she had two teenagers and a baby. When Kathy was about 2 years old, Mama and Kathy and I rode the Cook bus to "town" as we called it, 35 miles away. The bus would run 3 times per week and for a fee you could ridethe bus to a grocery store and department stores we did not have in the country. My mother always carried a wet washrag in waxed paper to wipe Kathy's hands ifthey became dirty. We went into a department store and Kathy had been eating candy and Mama wanted to wipe her hands. Well, Kathy took off running with Mama calling her to come to her. Then I said for her to come to us. The clerk said to Kathy":You'd better listen to your mother and grandmother. Boy, my mother was mad. She said "I have you know that I am the mother of BOTH of these girls."Now as I have gotten much older, my sister lives just up the road from me here in Ar. She kept telling my husbandand me to come back to Ar. after we retired and we did. So I look at this woman kathy has becme and I am so poroud of her and I really do not know what my Mom andDad would have done without her as they got older. So what sometimes seems to be an embassament, turns into a blessing!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

A young couple had just gotten married and the young bride wanted to cook good meals for her husband. When she would use a cake mix for a cake or biscuits from a can, the husband would always say,"My mother cooked from Scratch." One day the young lady went to the grocery store and asked if they had any Scratch. The owner said "No, you will have to go toa feed store to get Scratch." The lady went to the feed store and asked if he had Scratch. He told her yes they did and since it came in a large sack, it was in the back. She asked for a sack ofthe Scratch and the man carried it to her car for her. The man then turned to the young lady and said'How many chickens do yu have?" When the lady answered that she did not have chickens, he told her that she must have chickens if she had that much Scratch. So the lady found out who sold chickens and drove to a farm and bought a dozen chickens. When she drove home, she ut the chickens in their fenced front yard. When her husband got hme from work, he came running into the house and asked why were there chickens in their front yard. His young bride said"Well, I bought some Scratch from the feed sstore so I could cook from scratch like your mother did and the owner ofthe feed store told me I had to have chickens so I bought some. The young man did not know whether to laugh hysterically or to scream!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Rooster's Crow

I heard a rooster crow today. Hoiw is it that a rooster is crowing in a large city?But whereever that rooster was, his crowing took me back to my childhood. We did not need an alarm clock in my country home in Arkansas because my parents relied on the crow of the rooster to wake them up. Mama would start breakfast and Daddy would check on the cows and other farm animals. I would be awake but did not want to get out of bed. My Dad would come to the bedroom door and say"Shug, if you want breakfast, you'd better get up."Of course I wanted those biscuits, eggs, sausage and gravy my mother usually prepared for breakfast. My brother, two years younger than I, would come to the table and we four would ssit down to talk about our plans for the day while we atre the delicious food. After breakfast, my brother, Bob Roy, had to go help Daddy milk the cows before school. If Bob saw that old rooster that had awakened our parents, he would throw rocks at him. I always thought Bob had decided if he got rid of that rooster, he could sleep longer.

Teen-agers today do not hear a rooster crowing to wakethem up ofthe morning. They stagger out of bed maybe 30 minutes before school. Their Mom does not fix them breakfast because she and their Dad have already gone to work. Let's go back to the time when a rooster woke us up and the day began very early and we were happy and content!!