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Saturday, February 25, 2006

My grandmother and "booze".

One of my favorite memories is that of my brothe and Iwalking to my grandmother's house. It was about 2 miles to their house and we walked up that dirt road, eager to see our grandparents. One day Grandma was sitting on the front porch and after talking awhile, I left Bob talking to her and I went into the kitchen and started "prowling" in Grandma's cabinets. I found a small bottle of whiskey and took it to the front porch and asked my grandmother, ":What is this?" She replied that she used the whiskey in case she or Grandpa got a cold and then she would make them a "hot toddy" and it would make them feel better. I asked her would ashe make Bob and me one. She said she would and in a few minutes she came back out and handed both of us a glass with the "hot toddy" Well, i thought that was very good and Iasked if I could have another and she fixed me another. Well when we got home and Mama smelled that booze on our breath and noticed I was a little wobbly, she ;pitched a fit. She told my Dadto tell his Mother to never give us kids any more booze and that was the end of that.


  • Hey Mom, pleasant surprize to see a new post in your Blog. As near as you can pinpoint it, what day and year was this memory. Just add your own comment to answer me.

    Nice story. You could always add a little something , like maybe Bob turns out to be an Alien from another planet. But they're your stories. I like them.

    By Blogger Mr Goodson, at 3:43 PM  

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