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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Rooster's Crow

I heard a rooster crow today. Hoiw is it that a rooster is crowing in a large city?But whereever that rooster was, his crowing took me back to my childhood. We did not need an alarm clock in my country home in Arkansas because my parents relied on the crow of the rooster to wake them up. Mama would start breakfast and Daddy would check on the cows and other farm animals. I would be awake but did not want to get out of bed. My Dad would come to the bedroom door and say"Shug, if you want breakfast, you'd better get up."Of course I wanted those biscuits, eggs, sausage and gravy my mother usually prepared for breakfast. My brother, two years younger than I, would come to the table and we four would ssit down to talk about our plans for the day while we atre the delicious food. After breakfast, my brother, Bob Roy, had to go help Daddy milk the cows before school. If Bob saw that old rooster that had awakened our parents, he would throw rocks at him. I always thought Bob had decided if he got rid of that rooster, he could sleep longer.

Teen-agers today do not hear a rooster crowing to wakethem up ofthe morning. They stagger out of bed maybe 30 minutes before school. Their Mom does not fix them breakfast because she and their Dad have already gone to work. Let's go back to the time when a rooster woke us up and the day began very early and we were happy and content!!


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