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Thursday, March 16, 2006

When I was a senior in high school, my mother that was never ill got an appointment with a Dr. in Little Rock Ar. which was in the big city for us, since we lived 100 miles from LR.I was really scared cause I was so worried as to what was wrong with my mother. Well, whenshe came from the Dr. not a wordwas said as to what waswrong. On Saturdays, we did not do much of our farm work--just kinda relaxed and I was rolling my mother's hair and I said to her"Mama, you HAVE to tell me what is wrongwith you." She said"Well I guess I am pregnant. I jumped up and down, I was so happy and Isaid "Oh, I know I will have a baby sister."She said,"You oughtto be ashamed of yourself, Iam 42 years old," and I tell her I don't care because I wanted a baby sister. I was 17 and my brother was 15 when my sister was born. Bob and my Dad had wanted a boy but mama and I got what we wanted/ She was such a beautiful baby,a head full of black hair and big blue eyes and beautiful skin. Mama said Icould name her.A little girl had falle n into a well in Ca. that year and it was all over the radio news and the little girl was Kathy Fiscus, So I named my sister, Kathy and Mama added Dell to it, so we had a beautiful little Kathy Dell. I was headed for college so I did not get to be with the baby as I wouldhave liked too.My moyther was a very good mother. As Kathy grew ,sometimes she would come ask me could she do something and Mama let both of us know that SHE wasthe mother. Mama was still a little embarrassed that she had two teenagers and a baby. When Kathy was about 2 years old, Mama and Kathy and I rode the Cook bus to "town" as we called it, 35 miles away. The bus would run 3 times per week and for a fee you could ridethe bus to a grocery store and department stores we did not have in the country. My mother always carried a wet washrag in waxed paper to wipe Kathy's hands ifthey became dirty. We went into a department store and Kathy had been eating candy and Mama wanted to wipe her hands. Well, Kathy took off running with Mama calling her to come to her. Then I said for her to come to us. The clerk said to Kathy":You'd better listen to your mother and grandmother. Boy, my mother was mad. She said "I have you know that I am the mother of BOTH of these girls."Now as I have gotten much older, my sister lives just up the road from me here in Ar. She kept telling my husbandand me to come back to Ar. after we retired and we did. So I look at this woman kathy has becme and I am so poroud of her and I really do not know what my Mom andDad would have done without her as they got older. So what sometimes seems to be an embassament, turns into a blessing!!


  • That's a great story Mom. Women have babies all the time at 42 these days. Movie stars anyway. But they adopt. That was a very neat bit of nostalgia. i like how you wrapped it all up.

    By Blogger Mr Goodson, at 8:58 PM  

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