Country Writings

Monday, March 13, 2006

A young couple had just gotten married and the young bride wanted to cook good meals for her husband. When she would use a cake mix for a cake or biscuits from a can, the husband would always say,"My mother cooked from Scratch." One day the young lady went to the grocery store and asked if they had any Scratch. The owner said "No, you will have to go toa feed store to get Scratch." The lady went to the feed store and asked if he had Scratch. He told her yes they did and since it came in a large sack, it was in the back. She asked for a sack ofthe Scratch and the man carried it to her car for her. The man then turned to the young lady and said'How many chickens do yu have?" When the lady answered that she did not have chickens, he told her that she must have chickens if she had that much Scratch. So the lady found out who sold chickens and drove to a farm and bought a dozen chickens. When she drove home, she ut the chickens in their fenced front yard. When her husband got hme from work, he came running into the house and asked why were there chickens in their front yard. His young bride said"Well, I bought some Scratch from the feed sstore so I could cook from scratch like your mother did and the owner ofthe feed store told me I had to have chickens so I bought some. The young man did not know whether to laugh hysterically or to scream!!


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