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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Great Lie

When my brother was a child, every time he got scared or mad, he held his breath.This was a source of great fright for everyone in the family, especially my mother and grandmother. One day my mother was cleaning out the chicken house and she gave Bob and me ,each, a piece of cake and told us to stay in the yard while she worked. I finished my cake first and asked Bob for a bite of his. He said " No" and I grabbed his hand and took a bite of his cake. Well, I accidently bit his hand. He screamed, and as always, he held his breath. Here came my mother out of the chicken house and grabbed up my brother and rushed him to the well where we drew our water. My Grandmother was walking into the yard about that time and she held Bob while my mother drew up a little water andthrew it into his face. Surprisingly, that worked every time, he caught his breath!! My mother and grandmother were still scared and they asked me what made Bob hold his breath. I told them our old fighting rooster jumped on him for his cake. Bob did not tell on me and I did not tell my Mother about my lie until I was married and she said I should be ashamed of myself.!


  • I've never heard the story told as well as you told it here. When you called that Rooster a fighting Rooster, did you mean you were actually betting on that Rooster in the underground Gravelly cock fighting scene?

    By Blogger Mr Goodson, at 9:53 AM  

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