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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Brook

A brook---sometimes fast moving--sometimes slow and lazy. A place of contentment--sitting on cool, cool moss under the spreading, friendly arms of a tree. The brook--never troubled--never demanding--only running on its course since time began.

It was a short walk to the brook. Sometimes cows were drinking thristily and slowly. A girl sitting by their place of refreshment does not bother them. The girl is a little frightenhed by so many cows in one place--so much power behind those long horns--but the cows abate their thristr, walk up the bank and disappear into the thick,dark woods.

All troubles and anger leave the heart as the peacefulness of the running water speaks to a soul.God is so near beside a brook.He seems to speak from the tranquility ofthe flowing water--"be still and know that I am God."

Such peace!!How the heart yearns again for this peace. The brook no longer runs there--man has averted the ewater to another place-so another place of contentment-gone.


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